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brave + objects

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1/5 favorite Disney/Pixar movies

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Cookie Carnival’s Random Selection: Favorite Princess
Oh Aurora, I can recollect how many times you were placed last in the “Favorite to Least Favorite” Princess category. Aurora only had 18 minutes on screen, but within that scorching wee-little time frame, she exude sheer elegance and innocence. Aurora is graceful and lady-like, she is quite a mori-girl in terms of fashion; a style which I dearly love. Aurora was also modeled after the legendary, Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite actresses.

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I’ve been liking the gender-neutral, one worded, princess titles lately. 

finally someone sees this as a positive thing


usually all i see are a bunch of complaints about how this is all PR moves (which apparently means satanic sellout) ‘just to get boys in theaters,’ saying this is the same thing as renaming the little mermaid “beached” and I’m just like

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